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Men's Retreat 2014

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Retreat dates: January 23 - 25, 2015

Registration dealine: January 9th

The TRHD Men's Retreat is an annual getaway to Minnesota's North Woods for a weekend of exeptional fellowship and recovery. Although not allied with any specific 12-Step program, almost all participants are active members of one. Okay, at least one.

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  • We have meetings. We have fellowship.

  • We have food

  • We have lots and lots of coffee.

  • We have a great group of men committed to recovery.

  • We get serene. We get spiritual. We get the cards out.

  • And we have a ton of fun...


What's on this site:

Home: It's all about coming home. And DUDE! - you're already here!

About: More about the retreat including the schedule of "formal" activities, which are way cool, but it's often the off-agenda fun that keeps people coming back.

Location: Modern resort. Up North. No women. 'Nuff said.

Contact/Register: Who to call with more questions and sign up to attend. Deadline is January 9th, 2015

Questions or feedback: email